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New! MadLocker™ (Pie Shaped) Bike Locker
New! MadLocker™ (Pie Shaped) Bike Locker
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The MadLocker™ bike locker provides bicycles with the highest level of security and protection. The solid, heavy-duty construction of these units makes them practically impervious to weather, vandalism, and theft. It also means that MadLocker™ bike locker will provide many years of virtually maintenance-free service.

It is easy to add more units, so MadLockers™ bike lockers expand with your needs. All lockers are 39" wide x 74" long x 46" high. Stacked bike lockers are 39" wide x 75" long x 92" high. Bike lockers are available in powder coat finish. Other options include: padlock locking handles, pop-out T-handles with key locks, locker numbers, and two helmet/clothes hooks per locker. Perforated doors are also available.

Powder Coated

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Call for available custom finishes.

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