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Materials & Finishes

Materials Over the past two decades Madrax has quickly become a leading manufacturer of high-quality bicycle parking stands. This has not been accidental. We work hard at providing products that meet your strictest standards. Before we place our name on it, we have carefully selected the finest raw material from steel to finishing products for the end result - the best possible product available. Designs are considered and tested with functionality, aesthetics, and durability in mind. We offer parking solutions for everything from home use to campus.


Mad Shield 
Our Mad Shield Finish provides a 5 year corrosion protection warranty by using a duplex system. This system produces steel products that are galvanized and then powder coated. Corrosion protection is superior to either protection system used alone. You will have superior corrosion protection and a wide variety of colors for your application. Our Mad Shield Finish will greatly extend the life of your product, significantly decrease maintenance cost and is environmentally friendly.


Galvanized (-G)

Rack shall be hot-dipped galvanized after fabrication. Galvanized product is manufactured to hold up to the elements with little to no maintenance. This is a rugged utility finish where metal parts are dipped in a tank and must hang to drip dry, if you will. Finished product can be expected to have uneven dull and shiny areas with filing marks from removing the excess galvanizing material and sharp edges as well as the obvious drain hole. After the oxidization process occurs product will change in appearance to a battleship grey to look like your average schoolyard fence post.

Powder Coat (-P)

Rack shall be powder coated after complete fabrication with triglycidyl isocyanurate (TGIC) powder, a polyester coating. To insure powder coat adhesion, steel must be free of any scale, paint, varnish, or rust. Substrate preparation prior to powder coating is to include a chemical wash and rinse followed with an iron phosphate treatment. Finished product shall appear bright and smooth, for a more refined appearance.

Stainless Steel (-S)

Rack shall be polished to a Satin #4 Finish (rich mirrorlike finish).



In-Ground Mount 'U' - Rack Surface Flange Mount Surface Flange Mount Surface Gusset Mount Removable Mount
In-Ground  'U' - Rack
Surface Flange

Surface Flange

Surface Gusset

Other Available Mounting Options

Surface Mount W/Grout Cover Set In Ground Mount W/ Grout Cover Set Surface Mountable Surface Mountable
Surface Mount
Cover Set
In Ground
Mount W/ Grout
Cover Set
Mount Rails



Standard Hardshell Powder Coat™ colors are shown. Contact Madrax for a complete color chart.

*Note: Due to variations in monitors, colors shown may not be an exact match. Please request color samples from Madrax for accurate color comparisons.