Bike Rack City Requirements

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Many cities, towns, or other governmental organizations have set minimum ordinances or other mandates for bike parking and bike racks. To help you find this information, we have listed links to a city's bike parking requirements that can be found below. 

For cities not on this list, another great resource for finding city-specific information on bike parking requirements is . Bike parking guidelines and other ordinances regarding required bike parking capacity, placement, and right-of-way in a city’s public works or parks and recreation department.

These are the best places to find information about:

  • Number of bicycle parking spaces needed
  • Accepted bike racks for cities
  • Bike rack requirements
  • City bike rack ordinances
  • Bike parking requirements

Austin, TX:

Boston, MA:

Burlington, VT:

Charlotte, NC:

Chicago, IL:

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Houston, TX:

Knoxville, TN:

Louisville, KY:

Madison, WI:

Minneapolis, MN:

Missoula, MT:

Nashville, TN:

Oklahoma City, OK:

Pittsburgh, PA:

Portland, OR:

Sacramento, CA:

San Francisco, CA:

Santa Monica, CA:

Seattle, WA:

Washington, DC: