Bike Lockers

Bike Lockers

Madrax bike lockers create organized and efficient spaces that provide the highest level of bicycle security. From the single bike locker to vertical bike storage locker, know that you're getting a secure and durable metal bike storage locker that won't break the budget.

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Discover Secure & Affordable Bike Lockers


The MadLocker is the centerpiece of the Madrax bike storage locker products. It provides more than enough space to park a bicycle, as well as multiple accessories. These metal bike lockers can be banked in a row and stacked to increase bike parking in the same footprint. View product details.


MadLocker Divided w/ 2 Doors

The Divided MadLocker is the same as the MadLocker but is designed to park two bicycles in a single unit. An angeled divider and doors at both ends turn this into the most cost-efficient and secure way to store bicycles. View product details.


Narrow MadLocker

The Narrow MadLocker offers the same level of bicycle security as the MadLocker in a smaller footprint. This bicycle storage locker is 8" more narrow, but is still large enough to accommodate most standard bicycles. Like all the MadLockers, it has been designed for commercial applications but often installed for residential bike lockers. View product details.


Pie MadLocker

The Pie MadLocker has the same dimensions at the door but narrows towards the rear. Banking lockers with this pie-shape creates circular shapes. They can also be used to continue a bank of bike lockers around a corner. View product details.


Vertical MadLocker

An upright metal bike locker, the Vertical MadLocker saves precious floor space by storing the bicycle vertically. View product details.


Decide on the Best Bike Locker

Bike Locker Selection Tips

Bike lockers offer the most security for bicycles. But there are differences from one locker to the next. Knowing the key elements that differentiate cycle storage lockers will let you make the best choices to meet your needs.

The materials, lock types and locking mechanism will determine how resistant your bike locker is to being broken into and how safe bicycles will be when stored.

You will also need to decide whether it will have a padlock/u-lock or pop-out t-lock handle.

For more cycle locker insights, read Best Bike Lockers Selection Tips