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Quality Bike Racks & Site Furnishings

Madrax and Thomas Steele have been providing customers with hand-made, quality bike racks and site furnishings for 25 years. Learn about the great products, process and people of Madrax and Thomas Steele.

How to Park Your Bike

Learn the 4 steps to correctly park your bike from the experts at Madrax. Take into consideration the location, the bike rack support and the lock. Learn more about parking your bike by visiting and checking out the Bike Parking Guide.

Custom Bike Racks & Site Furnishings

Learn about the unique capabilities of Madrax and Thomas Steele to create artistic, custom commercial bike racks and commercial furniture. We have the technology and ability to create amazing custom designs tailored to our customers.

Materials & Finishes

Learn about the materials & finishes that Madrax and Thomas Steele offer for their hand-crafted Bike Rack and Site Furnishing products. We discuss the differences between different materials and finish types, as well as when you should use certain finishes and what warranties are associated with each.

Fulfilling Large Bike Rack & Site Furnishing Orders

Madrax and Thomas Steele not only produce hand-crafted quality commercial bike racks and outdoor furniture, but we can easily fulfill large orders for customers like municipalities, schools & universities, government and large facilities.

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