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Item No: MLP-1 Pie Shaped MadLocker (1 Unit - 1 Bike)


The Pie MadLocker™ offers the same level of bicycle security and protection as the standard MadLocker™ bike locker, but has a design that narrows towards the rear of the unit. 

Secure & Durable

Pie MadLockers are solid, heavy-duty steel bike lockers that makes them incredibly resistant to vandalism and theft. 

These bicyle lockers are also nearly imprevious to weather. Making them ideal as outdoor bike storage lockers that will provide many years of virtually maintenance-free service.

Select from padlock locking handles or pop-out T-handles with key locks to meet your bicycle security needs. 

Design & Aesthetics

The pie shape makes these lockers ideal for configuring multiple units together and provides options for utilizing available space. Like corners or more rounded shapes.

Placed side-by-side, they can make circle and half-circle designs. 

They are also able to be banked, with doors facing in alternating directions, for a row of secure bicycle parking. 

Select from 16 powder coat finish colors. Or custom color options are available. 

Standard and custom door perforations also available. 

Bike Locker Dimensions

Each bike storage locker is 39" wide (at the door) x 75" long x 46" high.

Stackable bike lockers are 39" wide  (at the door) x 75" long x 92" high.

Additional Options

Add bike locker numbers and up to two helmet/clothes hooks per commercial bike locker.

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